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Back again with another mix of new stuff I’ve discovered, and older stuff that I just like a helluva lot. Admittedly, this week sees more old than new, but that’s OK, because it’s all good stuff.

For example — this is one of my all-time favorite songs from The Cure, but certainly doesn’t get as much attention as their bigger singles. I prefer the 12-inch single to the radio edit, so here you go: The Cure – “Primary (Extended Mix).”

Here is a new artist that I discovered because *COUGHCOUGH*i’ve been watching ‘american idol’, and katherine mcphee sang this song a few weeks back *COUGH!* Now, where was I? Ah, yes. KT Tunstall is a Scottish woman of partial Chinese ancestry, who does a really amazing alt-country-indie-singer/songwriter thing. This song has been getting a bunch of radio play recently (in fact, because of that, requested this post), and I love the sound of it: KT Tunstall – “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.”

Something to get your ass moving on a gorgeous Friday, and a lovely “Shawn of the Dead” moment as well: Grandmaster Flash – “White Lines.” Rang-dang Diggity Dang-de-dang…. *Urnhhh….*

This is a good example of a contemporary Christian song done so well, that a non-Christian like me can listen and enjoy it, without feeling like I’m being preached at — In fact, when this broke into the pop charts in the late 90s, I had no idea that the group was a fairly well-established Christian band. Sure, there are obvious biblical references to the 40 days of rain of the Noah story, but again — NOT PREACHY, hence I can listen without annoyance…. plus, I love the harmonies on this track – Jars of Clay – “Flood.”

Another new song, that I first heard on the radio last weekend (twice, in fact — once while we heading out to help and move, and once on the way back). I don’t have a lot to say about it, other than the fact that I like it muchly: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Gold Lion.”

The first song I ever heard by the band The Church, a few years before they hit big in the US with “Under The Milky Way” — my high-school girlfriend gave me a mix-tape, and this was the first song on it. I recently tracked it down, and so here it is: The Church – “Unguarded Moment.”

An often-overlooked 80s song by a late-60s band. The Kinks had a come-back of sorts with “Come Dancing”, but I really preferred this single, which didn’t get nearly as much play, but is much more serious. The lyrics are a perfect snapshot of the bleakness of outlook for those living in Thatcher’s Britain….a similar outlook shared by many (70% or so, according to the last polls) living in Bush’s America today: The Kinks – “Living On A Thin Line.”

Michael Penn doesn’t get the attention he deserves. He gets written off as “Sean Penn’s brother,” or “Aimee Mann’s husband,” or “that one-hit wonder who did No Myth (“What if I were Romeo in black jeans…”).” He’s an extremely talented singer-songwriter. This is my favorite track of his, which is from March, the same album that “No Myth” appeared on: Michael Penn – “This and That.”

Lastly, here’s a track by Seal that I’ve been listening to recently — the usual high-quality soul with amazingly tight production, and some lyrical content that speaks to me as of late. Seal – “Prayer For The Dying.”

Hope you enjoyed this week. A quick note: There will be no Friday Music next week (5/26), as I will be basking in the joy of being away from my desk, attending the Heartland Pagan Festival. Friday Music posts will resume in June.

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  1. I saw the Yeah. Yeah, Yeahs in London on Wednesday and they absolutely rocked. I’m not sure what I was really expecting as I liked their albums but they are filed under ‘occasional play’ as opposed to ‘frequently listened to’.

    I was amazed though. They were so vibrant, full of energy and really blew the place apart. The person I went with (who works for a concert promotions agency) reckons it’s in her top three gigs of all time and, whilst not maybe top three for me (I have, literally, seen well over a thousand bands over the years) I think they’d certainly get top 20 or 30.


  2. Can’t wait to get home and dl these songs, thanks very much.
    One note regarding Jars of Clay.
    I’m not big on the whole X-tian thing either, but totally agree that their music is just so beautiful – they have kind of an REM thing going on that I love.
    I highly, highly, highly recommend their second album, “Much Afraid”. You will not regret it.

    Oh, and Seal’s “Human Being” album. A hidden gem. My absolute favorite.

  3. Have fun at Heartland!

    I have a decent Kink’s compilation. Alas, the comp I have is missing “Low Budget” which is one of my favorite sarcatic songs of theirs. I only like about half of their stuff, but the half I like I like a lot.

  4. You’ll be missed next week…

    thought it might not be before then that I get around to hearing these as you’ve got me addicted to YouTube & I seem to be spending my life there these days. I’ve even had to find a way to transfer videos from there to my own ‘puter as they’re cracking down on Whovian stuff right now….

  5. I’ve never understood why Michael Penn hasn’t done better. Recently went loooking for my copy of No Myth and relized it was on tape. Tried hunting down a copy at Borders, but it isn’t avaiable there. It ends up iTunes has it, plus the other albums, including his newest. Need to pick that up after a listen at Borders. Another well done disk.

  6. Flash is playing here in two weeks, and I’m desperately hoping I can scare up the money for a ticket. I saw him in Brisbane a few years ago and he was amazing.

  7. The latest Penn album is a change from earlier releases (this time we get a concept album) but it’s still as good as his work. I have to say that his second album, Free-for-All, is definitely the album of his that I play the most.

  8. I’ve only got March, but went looking for Free-for-All. Seems it’s no longer available, and iTunes only goes back to 1997. Free… is from 1992. March looks like it was rereleased in ’01.

    Oh well, still a ton of current music available from him.

  9. Free-for-All should be pretty easy to find used (I’ve seen it several times as music stores and Half-Price Books). As near as I can tell (speculation follows) the record label had high expectations for Free-for-All and released more copies than they should have.

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