More Drama

Heartland drama subsides, to be replaced by work drama (which I’ve already mentioned)….

…and then this weekend, I hear from my Mother that she had been speaking to my son, Ian—who told her that the ex-wife and her cracker-ass S.O. have been telling the kids that I have no job and I’m just living off .

Nice. They’ve seen my books. They know what I do, and yet she is determined to bend the branches so that the trees grow in her image. She despises me, so they must as well.

I don’t fucking think so.

Just sent the nasty-gram, informing her that she needs to knock that shit off, or my lawyers will get involved again. This is emotional abuse, pure and simple, and I’m not going to stand idly by and let it happen.

Right now, I just want to braid up, paint my face and hack at something.

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  1. One can well understand your frustration and ire.

    Does your mother understand your situation well enough to have set the record straight with your son, or did she just take in this info and pass it along to you?

    Ex-spouses can be such annoying shitheels. It has always seemed to me, though, that ex-spouses who attempt to manipulate the relationships of children with the “other” parent often have their efforts backfire. Meaning, your ex’s relationship with your kids is just as colored by who she is as the relationship with you was. Over time, that negativity will have it’s effect and they will make their own decisions as to what they believe. The truth does manage to come out over time.

    Not that it makes this moment in time one iota easier.


  2. Yes, my mother set the record straight.

    I hope that you’re right about the truth coming out over time. My concern is the constant manipulation over time having a cumulative negative effect.

  3. >>Right now, I just want to braid up, paint my face and hack at something.

    Dude, if you want me to remember what you’re talking about, don’t put images like this in my head. Yum.

    I had to go back and reread.

  4. Well, you tell me what happens when bright children are held under the thumb of a bullshit christian conservative…particualrly about the time they hit their teens?

    Generally speaking, they could go one of two ways with regard to the manipulation…they will either learn to hate being manipulated…or they will learn to be manipulators themselves. If her manipulation manifests in forms of behaviorial control, most likely they’ll rebel against the forms of control.

    Particularly if they have even the smallest influence of “there’s another way to be” within their world. The one thing they do know is that they have a sister who does not live with them. As that change up occurred at some point, they also know that they have, in effect, an out, should the need really ever truly arise.

    The only downside of that is that you’ll probably end up with each of them in succession, right about the time your ex can no longer deal with their teen-ness. Right at the point your work will be cut out for you.

    It is, of course, wholly appropriate for you to call her on her behavior. If for no other reason, she lost any right to treat you like shit the moment she walked.


  5. Very sorry to read this, Gareth. For all of my catalog of my ex’s flaws, I’ve never denied him anything when it comes to Kate. I despise people using their children like that.

  6. “Dude, if you want me to remember what you’re talking about, don’t put images like this in my head.

    In which case, Gareth might look like this:

    -Viking (courtesy of Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines of the recent Batman/Superman story-arc)

  7. Well, that’s a mighty crappy thing to have done! is right, though, your kids are smarter than that. Glad your mom set the record straight, too, though.

    Don’t you usually get to see the younger ones in Summertime? You can show them what you do, too, to help remove any doubts. :)

  8. Re: “Dude, if you want me to remember what you’re talking about, don’t put images like this in my he

    That is just so fucking pimp. I see an icon coming out of this.

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