5 Replies to “Critics Wowed By Superman”

  1. Brian Singer’s been solely focused on this project for a while, and the reason he took it is because he’s such a huge fan of the character, so I’m being hopefully optimistic.

    If he can do for Superman what Nolan did for Batman, I’ll be overjoyed.

  2. I dare to hope.

    And I am tempted by the IMAX version

    SUPERMAN RETURNS, directed by Bryan Singer, is the world’s first live-action Hollywood feature to be converted into IMAX┬« 3D. Using proprietary 2D to 3D conversion technology, select scenes (up to 20 minutes) will be converted into An IMAX 3D Experience┬«, the most immersive cinematic 3D in the world. On-screen cues will alert moviegoers when to place the 3D glasses on, and when to take them off.

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