Lost Who Episodes to be Animated!

The BBC has announced that in November, the 1968 Doctor Who story “The Invasion” will be released on DVD – including fully-animated recreations of two missing episodes.

For those of you who are unaware, 108 of the 253 episodes produced during the first 6 years of the show have been lost, erased and discarded by the BBC in the 1960s and 1970s for space-saving reasons. (This was in the days before commercial video releases….and at the time, the BBC didn’t do re-runs, either, so they saw no reason to keep the episodes around.) Luckily, audio for all of the missing episodes exist — often taped off-air by fans.

Using that audio, the missing two episodes of the classic 8-part Cyberman story will be animated by Cosgrove Hall, the production company that did Dangermouse and the one-shot Richard E. Grant “Ninth Doctor” animated webisodes, Scream of the Shalka.

A 20-second preview of the animated “Invasion” (in Real Video format — sorry!) is available here.

6 Replies to “Lost Who Episodes to be Animated!”

  1. Thanks for catching and posting this…

    Looks like Outpost Gallifrey just posted a blurb about it today as well (without the cool screengrab).

  2. Weeee-haaaaah!!!

    What a fantabulous notion- I’m so glad they’re doing something about it! Those will DEFINITELY be something to acquire. Now I hope they’ll start putting more of the VHS only stuff on DVD too….

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