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It’s a sad commentary on the American people that the scandal which may end up breaking the Republican’s grip on power isn’t any of these:

  • Lying to get us into an unprovoked war with Iraq.
  • Suspension of Habeus Corpus and participation in the Geneva Conventions.
  • Increasingly obvious evidence that the administration ignored warnings about Al Qaeda pre-9/11.
  • The administration declaring itself above the law through signing-statement exceptions to almost every law passed on its watch.
  • The bare-faced shenanigans which resulted in provable irregularities in 2 separate national elections.
  • Fiddling while New Orleans sank.

…or any of countless other outrages.

No, the straw that may have broken the Elephant’s back is a sordid little sex scandal, involving teenaged boys. We are, truly, a Tabloid nation.

In other news — Dennis Moore is up for re-election this November. As readers of this journal will recall, he voted for the recent travesty that suspended Habeus Corpus and legalized torture. There is no way in Hell that he’s getting my vote ever again…..which stings quite a bit, given that a) he’s the only Democrat representing Kansas, b) Control of the House is on the line this election, and c) My only other choices are a conservative Republican and a nutjob from the Reform Party.


There’s no way that I’m casting a vote for him, though. Not any more.

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  1. A caller to the Ed Schultz show today wrote her PoliSci dissertation on House scandals from 1966 – 1996. She found that Democrats got into more trouble for financial scandals while “moral” scandals were worse for Republicans. The apparent attitude of the public at large is that Democrats are always having sex and Republicans are always engaged in conflicts of interest, bribery and graft. So long as a scandal aligns with that perception, it is often ignored no matter how bad it is.

  2. Have you considered getting involved in the process yourself? I mean, I’m an alternate election judge for the Republicans, about as petty an official as you can get, and politics seems much more important to you than to me.

  3. Already involved, in a small way for the local Dem party.

    Beyond that? Running for office or something? Hell no — too much fodder for the mud-slingers in my past.

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