OK folks — if you can read this, you’re one of the people who has expressed interest in gaming with me.

I’m ready to start some Gay PornSuperhero gaming, using Mutants & Masterminds. (For those who need the rules, we’ve still got a few copies of the Player’s Guide here, thanks to !)

For the first session, I’m thinking character creation (accompanied by episodes of Justice League on DVD, again courtesy of , followed by kicking off the first “issue.” (That’s right! Getting right into the action!)

I’m suggesting it as a Saturday afternoon-into-evening-ish kinda thing.

What would work best for you?

Saturday, March 17th

Saturday, March 24th EDIT: This is looking like the front-runner. See Comments.

Saturday, March 31st.

Let me know!

7 Replies to “Gaming….”

  1. yay gay porn!

    >>Saturday, March 17th

    You do realize this is St. Patrick’s Day? As much as I love you, my Irish spirit cannot concieve of doing anything on that day other than carousing.


    Regarding the other two, I’ll let you know after talking with The Woman.

  2. Re: yay gay porn!

    Oh, believe me, the Son of Eileen Mary Kelly knows that this is St. Pat’s.

    …which is why I’d be making Corned Beef for everybody, and there would be Guiness a-plenty, should that be the day that is chosen.

  3. Re: yay gay porn!

    Yum, Corned Beef.

    But Natalie and I will be in KC that day. The wenches were… um… persuaded – I mean paid! – to be in the parade. Which, makes me a little giddy.

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