Springtime, and the Fucktards are in bloom…..

So I’ve noticed a slight increase in the past couple of days of wingnut fucktards posting comments in my more political posts.

A quick check of user profiles indicates that — *shock of shocks!* — they’re all friends of a particular right-wing stain whom I banned from commenting last year.

(EDIT: Apparently, that’s just a case of “dumb fucks flock together” — the actual culprit (as per a comment in my “Queer or Female?” post) is apparently some forum filled with these asshats, who feel its their right to piss all over my journal because “it’s public.”)

I suspect they’ll get bored with being made to look stupid, but while they’re here, feel free to play whack-a-troll with ’em, if that’s what catches your fancy.