Petition the Complicit Media

CBS took two weeks to fire Don Imus for his “nappy headed hos” comment, but it only took them two days to fire respected retired Major General John Batiste for speaking out against Bush and the war.

Batiste, a Republican, commanded troops in Iraq in 2004 and 2005. He left the Army so that he could speak out against the president’s reckless policy in Iraq, and CBS hired him as a part-time consultant to comment about it.

Last week, he appeared in a TV ad speaking out against the president on Iraq. (Watch the ad here on Youtube.)

Just two days later, CBS fired him, claiming that it was because he engaged in advocacy. However, they’ve got other consultants engaged in advocacy — yet all for pro-Bush or pro-Republican causes. CBS is sending a message that you can’t be a consultant to their network if you’re critical of President Bush and the Iraq war. That’s political censorship — nothing more.

Sign a petition here, and tell CBS that this double-standard is not acceptable.

Heroes: Origins

NBC is launching a spin-off of “Heroes” next season, called “Heroes: Origins”, which will profile new heroes, and end with an audience poll on which new hero gets featured on the next season of the main show.

Please. Please, don’t fuck with it.

Stupid TV execs.

Normally, I’d be happy to hear that the show is popular enough to merit more attention (including an all-but assured THIRD season, given the format of the spin-off)….but this just smacks of brain-dead empty suits positioning the ski-jump and the shark tank in preparation.

My Favorite TV Advert

It’s not highly publicized, but eHarmony, the internet dating site, is a Christian conservative group….and as such, they don’t provide services for anyone other that heterosexuals (and the “29 levels of compatibility” they tout are weighted towards white Christians, but that’s another story entirely).

Another company,, is basing its marketing on the segments that eHarmony are rejecting: