Edwards Disappoints Me

So, Edwards is dropping out.

I figured he’d stick around and play king-maker (or queen-maker) at the convention, but I suppose that doing that isn’t worth months of humiliating defeats and time spent away from family.

A lot of pundits are saying his supporters are more likely to support Obama. I wish I could be that sure.

All I know is that I wish he’d come right out and endorse Obama, but he’s apparently not endorsing anyone yet. That disappoints me. An endorsement before Super Tuesday would go a long way to driving a stake through the heart of the Clinton Restoration.

But then again, I’m disappointed that Gore hasn’t endorsed Obama, either.

I can still hope, I guess.

4 Replies to “Edwards Disappoints Me”

  1. Well, A Song of Ice and Fire teaches us that those who play kingmaker only tend to make out slightly better than the kings themselves. As a student of GRR Martin, then, I’m therefore glad that Edwards has decided to limit his role in the Game of Thrones before it’s too late. :)

  2. The story I read implied that he was holding his endorsement and delegates “hostage” to see which candidate best caters to his focus-on-the-poor platform.

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