Friday Music – Third Anniversary Edition

I noticed that I started doing Friday Music back on Feb. 11th, 2005 — and, given that the 11th is Monday, I guess that makes this the Third Anniversary Edition. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Should I continue?

This week:

First up — I’m fairly sure I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth it. My favorite track from Crystal Method, from their album Vegas. What I love about this is the layering…how they build the track up, one part at a time — effects, samples, bass, and then finally the beat. It strongly influenced how I produce my own music, because it just sounded right to me. Crystal Method – “High Roller.”

Some new music for you — The Apples. An Israeli group featuring saxophones, trumpet, trombone, drums, bass….and turntables. Amazing stuff. The Apples – “Natri Ba Makom.”

Caught “Pulp Fiction” on TV the other night — it had been a while since I’d seen it. I was reminded of one of my favorite bits of music featured in the film which did not appear on the soundtrack. This song appeared as Mia and Vincent first come into Jackrabbit Slims and are led to their table-car. Ricky Nelson – “Waitin’ In School.”

The 21st century Soul revival rolls on, this time with a track from an Amsterdam-based outfit: Lefties Soul Connection – “Paul Newman.”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any NYC hip-hop. Here’s another brilliant bit of jazz-infused coolness from Digable Planets, who I really should listen to far more than I do. Digable Planets – “Graffiti.”

The closing theme from Samurai Champloo is one of and my favorite bits of music from the series. J-Pop infused with a jazz-vocal sensibility, complex rhythms and some positively beautiful lyrics (translated from the Japanese: “Spring is announced when the mountain leaves break out in a dance.”). Good stuff: Nujabes/Fat Jon feat. Minmi – “Shiki no Uta.”

Lastly, one of my favorite pieces from the soundtrack to Bladerunner — the fake old-time song written by Vangelis for the film. Now that I’ve got a copy of this, all I need to do now is track down “Girl of My Dreams” from Angel Heart, and my life is complete. :) Vangelis – “One More Kiss, Dear.”


4 Replies to “Friday Music – Third Anniversary Edition”

  1. For me, it’s either something I’m looking forward to, or something I’m pleasantly surprised by when I’ve forgotten that it’s Friday. So I say keep ’em coming. And Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I say “Yes, please continue!” I’m always hearing something new to me here & it’s quite good for me. Thanks for the music!

  3. You absolutely must continue. You’re the man who turned me on to mash-ups, for which I will be forever grateful, and I love some of the neo-soul stuff you’ve been putting up.

    Oh, also, Curtis Mayfield. I’m a little too young and a little too Australian to have discovered him on my own. ;)

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