I Wonder….

So, I worked with a freelance artist. Contract for a multi-stage payment. We payed him, well over a year ago. Money Order, rather than Paypal.

He claims to have never received the final installment — but we’ve got the serial number of the MO we sent. So, I told him that we’d check with the USPS and see if they can track the Money Order via the serial, to see if it’s been cashed. USPS tells us via email that it could take as long as 8 weeks or more, so we’re waiting. And waiting and waiting.

Yet the artist continues to ask for updates. Contacts other people we know, asking them to contact me to get me to respond to him — maybe he thinks he’ll get a different answer. I don’t know.

Now, one of his buddies has posted about it in a thread on ENWorld. Great.

Of course, the fact that the artist has obviously talked to others about our business dealings (this buddy of his, among others) puts him in violation of the confidentiality clause of our contract — a fact which I pointed out to him.

His response is to tell me “I don’t want to hear from you anymore. Keep your money, I don’t want it. I am fed up with your villainous attitude.”


Something tells me, given his response to the contractual issue I’ve raised, that I may have been the subject of someone trying to bilk me out of more money. Something tells me that when I hear back from the USPS, they’re going to tell me that the original payment WAS cashed, a long while ago.

Of course, now I have the joy of having to deal with the PR on ENWorld.

*Sigh* Screw it. I’m going to watch the UEFA Champions League Final.

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