Friday Music!

Not a lot this week — I’ve been way too busy.

First up, a track from the soundtrack to 21 that I’ve been grooving on recently, by The Aliens, a band formed by former members of the now-defunct Beta Band. The Aliens – “I Am The Unknown.”

Another new track, discovered via . The band is Donora, a Pittsburgh PA pop trio. Good, good stuff. Go to their MySpace page and buy lots. Donora – “The Chorus.”

A blast from the past — I had forgotten how much I liked this song. Bryan Adams – “It’s Only Love (ft. Tina Turner).”

Perhaps the best version of this sing ever, in my opinion. Cake – “I Will Survive.”

Lastly, a track from Mika that never fails to brighten my day — the falsetto on this guy is SICK, and matches up perfectly with this campy bit of new wave/disco pop: Mika – “Love Today.”


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