Friday Music (Halloween Edition)

Yeah, I know — I almost never do holiday-themed entries. Sue me. I’ve got some fairly good finds this year:

First up, the best track from Rob Zombie’s most recent album — he opened his show with this one when I went to see him last year. Rob Zombie – “American Witch.”

A new horror-themed electro-industrial act, which I’ve only just discovered and like quite a bit. Plus, gotta love the song title. Zombie Girl – “Blood, Brains & Rock n’ Roll.”

Saw this performer at the Scream Awards on Spike TV last week — kind of a gothy-electro-pop chick from Estonia. It’s a brainworm: Kerli – “Walking On Air.”

Speaking of goth chicks — the original and still the best: Siouxsie & the Banshees – “Spellbound.”

The man behind the theme to Mad Men works his magic on a spookier vein: RJD2 – “The Horror.”

I was pointed towards this by , so blame him. Tragedy is a NYC-based tribute band that does all-metal covers of Bee-Gees tracks. Let that sink in a bit. Here’s the best, featuring the most intentionally-hilarious ‘occult-metal spoken word bridge’ EVER towards the end: Tragedy – “You Should Be Dancing.”

…and lastly, because this is the last entry before Election Day, and this is the scariest thing in the world to the conservatives out there: I give you the famous track from the viral video: – “Yes We Can (Obama for America).”

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