Non-Political Posting Resumes!

Um, yeah — wow. I realize that most of my posting since the primaries began has been of a political nature — sorry about that. It’s one of my most abiding interests.

Now that the election is over, though, you can expect to see a sharp increase in non-political posting. Like this general life update, f’rinstance.

* Writing continues. Juggling a number of projects, as interest dictates. I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo — mostly because the projects are already underway, which would be a violation of the NaNoRules. I wasn’t interested in starting up something new, just for the month. (Alright — I was interested, but my responsible side won out, for a change. Better to stick with the projects I’m already working on.)

* Social Life: Largely non-existent. Lack of money is a contributor, of course, but lack of options even more so. I want to game, I want to have movie-watching get-togethers, etc. No real social circle to speak of, locally. Sucks.

* Work stuff: Adamant has been hit with a massive downturn in sales. October was 40% down from last year. OUCH. Debts to a handful of freelancers have piled up — some of whom have made this public, which is frustrating. Having been in their position in the past, I know how they feel, which makes it even more frustrating. Everyone will be paid — that I’m sure of. Still, it’s not a good place to be. Of course, then Porter takes the opportunity to lecture– while also revealing that he currently owes about 3 times as many people. So, perhaps my particular case isn’t as dire as it seems.

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