Friday Music

I had briefly considered doing an Obama victory-themed installment, but then decided against it as way too cheesy.

I did include one track, though, that John Legend performed on Bill Maher’s show last week, and which he also made available as a free download from his personal page at Obama’s website. When I heard him perform live on Maher’s show, I got chills. John Legend – “If You’re Out There.”

Here’s a new song from a new artist — Swiss singer-songwriter Sophie Hunger. Not sure what to write about this, so just listen: Sophie Hunger – “House Of Gods.”

My favorite track from The Smiths — and not one of their better-known ones. The Smiths – “London.”

A lot of people claim that “The Final Countdown” has the best over-the-top cheesetastic synth riff. I humbly disagree. The true king of that particular category is this mid-80s track from Emerson, Lake and ….Powell (They couldn’t get Palmer for this one album, so they found another P….sad, really.) Behold the might: E.L.P. – “Touch & Go.”

The best Bond-theme rework EVER. The Propellerheads and David Arnold rip it up (and, during the bridge, add in *another* bit of Bond music — the space theme from “You Only Live Twice”): The Propellerheads and David Arnold: “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

Again, with the cheese — overly long intro? Check. Goofy Sci-Fi lyrics? Check. Still, love this, in a Heavy Metal (the animated film) sorta way. Billy Thorpe – “Children of the Sun.”

Enjoy. Remember, if any link gives you trouble, try copy-and-paste.

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