Friday Music

…and we’re back, with some good stuff this week.

and I have been watching the UK series Demons, which is sort of a male “Buffy” in London. Fun stuff. Equally fun is the opening theme music, which is a 2006 single from an indie pop band from Norman, Oklahoma, of all places. Very, VERY brainwormy. The Starlight Mints – “Eyes of the Night.”

Saw the new Guy Ritchie film RocknRolla — and was pleased to note one of my favorite tunes by The Clash was featured. The Clash – “Bank Robber.”

U2’s new album, No Line On The Horizon is coming out in early March. I had already posted the first single, “Get On Your Boots” back in January, but I like this better — it’s the title track, and first track on the album: U2 – “No Line On The Horizon.”

This is fucking BRILLIANT. Jah Wobble, the former bassist for Public Image Ltd. and dabbler in world, folk and ambient music (among other genres) has recorded an album with his wife, Zi Lan Liao (classically-trained guzheng and yanqin player), and a 22-member Anglo-Chinese group, combining traditional Chinese melodies and instrumentation with the bass-and-beat-heavy sounds of Dub. Fans of the Wong Fei Hung movies will recognize the tune in this track: Jah Wobble & the Chinese Dub Orchestra – “L1 Horse Mountain.”

I’ve posted singles from her before (notably the achingly beautiful “White as Diamonds”), and now Alela Diane’s album, To Be Still has now been released. As I expected, it’s an amazing mix of Americana/folk, nearly becoming Country in some spots (slide guitar was an unexpected surprise on some tracks), with her crystalline voice ringing throughout. Here’s a sample: Alela Diane – “The Alder Trees.”

Lastly, my all-time favorite track from INXS, from their 1982 album Shabooh Shoobah. The synth riff still makes the hair on the back of my neck rise. Not sure why. INXS – “Don’t Change.”

There you go. As always, if any links give you trouble, try copy-and-paste.


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