RPGaDay2018, Day 16: Describe Your Plans For Your Next Game

Today’s question: Describe your plans for your next game?

I currently do not have one, sadly. Too busy with projects that are far too late, plus it’s difficult to get a group together and find a regular time to play. (I’m currently running a STAR TREK ADVENTURES game that only meets once every 5-6 weeks or so.)

I have TONS of ideas for games I want to run. Too many, really.

• A Far West game (which I want to do once it’s done, to “wash my mind out”, replacing the stress I associate with it’s seemingly-cursed production with the joy I have of the setting).

• A Doctor Who game (for that combination of nostalgia and a setting I love).

• A 5th Edition D&D game, in an original setting, different from the usual “D&D epic fantasy standard.”

• A 1930s pulp game, as a playtest for a new edition of THRILLING TALES (you heard it here first, folks!).

• Something Hammer-Horror-esque, maybe for Halloween.

• …and too many more to list.



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