Playing Nice

There’s been more than a bit of communications issues among people recently. This post has grown out of something that I was thinking about, and, rather than leave it hanging out there, with the potential for causing issues later, I decided to get this out in the open….and not targeted at any one specific person. Just something that I feel needs to be on the table.

I’m an attention-whore. We all know this. I enjoy being flirted with…I love the game, I love the attention, I love what Eddie Izzard calls the “flirty-flirty, swimmy-swimmy, splashy-splashy.”

That said, if you want to play, play nice. Please respect my partner.

Flirting and playing with me, while completely ignoring her presence? Not cool. Not a way to get on my good side….or hers.

If you want a relationship with me, you also have a relationship with my partner. It doesn’t have to be the same relationship, but there at least needs to be one. That’s only right.

Like I said — this isn’t targeted at any one specific person. I just wanted to have it known. is a wonderful partner, who is cool with how I want to be….and I’d rather not see her ever get hurt for being that open.

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  1. Speaking of the two of you…

    I’m so excited to see both of you next Wednesday!!!


    Perhaps we need to begin chatting about October…Can you get the beautiful L. my email…please?

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