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  1. Not that I like Clinton at all–because I definitely do NOT–but I didn’t see any indication of this in her speech. She didn’t once mention gender or claim she was a victim. Her becoming teary–which I agree was contrived–was to indicate passion and sincerity, not weakness and victimization.

  2. I agree. I don’t see what makes this a gender or victim card.

    As a display of emotion, it doesn’t seem any more or less contrived than an emphatic fist on the podium and a raised voice.

  3. Doesn’t anybody remember Pat Schroeder?

    WASHINGTON TALK: PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS; Are Female Tears Saltier Than Male Tears?

    LEAD: She cried.
    September 30, 1987

  4. Wow — I *had* forgotten. Although now that I’ve followed the link, I clearly remember Nora Dunn’s SNL skewering of her.

  5. Softness, perhaps, but I’d think that was just to counter the fact that she’s seen as a hard-ass otherwise. Plenty of male political figures have tried to show their softer side too, and for the same reasons.

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