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MSNBC: Bush calls for end of ‘occupation’ of Arab lands.

(but only by the Israelis, of course.)

Does anybody else get the feeling that he’s being dangled out there now, in the hopes that some terrorist takes a shot at him, allowing the Republicans to run on the ‘fear of terrorism’ platform again? I mean, fer chrissakes, 8 years in office, and this is his first visit to Israel…..

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  1. Well, you know Bush; he’s the “Israel” guy. It’s a subject that’s been kept close in his heart… and since he’s close to his heart, he didn’t really need to go visit Israel himself.

  2. Yeah, you can almost see this scenario unfolding, can’t you? Bush is assassinated by “Iranian agents” guaranteeing to draw us into war with them. Paranoid? We’ll see….


  3. I had a very similiar conversation with an American friend of mine who was visiting the other day.

    I was wondering if the assassination (or attempte thereof) of Bush in the Middle East would help the Republican candidate in his election bid. It would certianly assist in any war-mongering (if it was alledged that the Iranians or Syrians were behind it).

    She seemed to feel that Bush was just so unpopular in the states at the moment that anything that happened to him wouldn’t influence the Republicans ratings as most of the Republican candidates have pretty much distanced themselves from him anyway.

    It does make you wonder how many other people have thought this though. Hopefully the whole trip will go off very smoothly but if it doesn’t conspiracy theorists will have a field day.

  4. It would certainly get McCain elected, which is possibly the most terrifying prospect imaginable. From what I can gather, his sole election promise is “I will personally track down and marmalise Bin Laden, however many wars I have to start to do so.” If he could add Hamas and the PLO in there as well, he could have the USA fighting on four or five fronts, rather than the present two.

  5. Plus of course if you’ve seen “Spartan”, you know that the President isn’t really running things anyway… his handlers decide what he does, & if he’s an asset who’s no longer useful to them as president, why not use him up doing something more valuable? :)

  6. No. I think it’s Bush trying to reinvent himself again, which will probably be as successful as every other time he has tried to reinvent himself.

  7. Perhaps because he has been told that he has accomplished *Nothing!* during his years in the White House.

    I bet his daddy is frustrated.

  8. Now that would be dedication. I think he’s too busy daydreaming about not running a company after he’s done not running a country.

    Although, I wouldn’t put it past his handlers.

    “W., it’s time to take a strong stance on the Israeli’s in Palestine.”

    “Sounds good, I kinda liked them sand n–“

    “Ahem, and we’re cutting back your secret security.”

    “Ain’t that a bad idea? Sounds kinda like a bad idea.”

    “Oh, no, no. We do this all the time for the last year of a lame duck presidency. No one ever gets assassinated in their last year.”

    “Do I still get to stay up late on Monday night to watch football?”

    “Yes, Mr. President.”

  9. I met McCain, back when I worked for the USS Intrepid Museum in NYC, in the late 90s. He really impressed me at the time, but I’ve been really disappointed in how he’s completely turned into yet another Repuglican Assclown over the past decade.

  10. Interesting concept. If King Richard is looking to sacrifice his puppet Shrub I see three obvious motivators: 1) complete executive power for himself, 2) support for his “war on terror” and a possible Republican retention of the White House, and 3) the removal of a potentially devestating witness should there be any post-term prosecution. The major flaw in this scenario is that King Richard has been able to function effectively because as VP he is not in the public eye as much as his ‘boss’. If he were President, I’m not sure he could withstand the public scrutiny. Nevertheless, it is indeed a frightening scenario.

  11. I don’t think “they” are trying to get Bush killed. I think that he’s making a desperate bid to leave a “legacy”. Like shitheel can solve the problems between Israel and Palestine.

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