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Watched Torchwood 2.3, “To the Last Man,” last night. It was nifty to see (however briefly) an earlier version of the Torchwood team (from 1918).

Gave me a mental image I can’t shake, though:

Torchwood — Manchester 1973.

“Attention, little green nonce: You are surrounded by armed bastards!”

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  1. I would watch that :)

    Is it wrong that I am now much more interested in the 1918 Torchies – who resembled nothing so much as a team of Call of Cthulhu investigators – than the modern ones?

    Dave Versace

  2. A friend of mine and I were watching last night’s episode and both thought that it would be extremely cool if they were to do the occasional off episode with a different cast playing a Torchwood team from another era.

    So much opportunity for fun stories. For example: A 30’s Torchwood team going up against a covert Nazi group trying to destroy Cardiff with Rift energies, or make contact with possible extra-dimensional allies (something along similar lines) and end up gaining the help of a certain rather insane american named Captain Jack Harkness…

    It would make a fun way of showing a few of the details on how Jack got involved with Torchwood.

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