Torchwood ’73

Amusingly enough, somebody else had the idea that I had mentioned earlier.

Courtesy of Monkeybrain books, I now have in my hands the following:

An anthology of short stories featuring the adventures of Richard Jeperson, a paranormal investigator working for the Diogenes Club — the least publicized of Britain’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. His cases involve haunted trains and seaside resorts, murders in utopian communities and London’s vice district, voodoo and mind-altering therapies. He’s equal parts Jason King, John Steed and the Third Doctor, in plots whose style is influenced by 70s British horror paperbacks (like the Peter Saxon “Guardians” novels).

Glam-era paranormal investigation. HELL YEAH.

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  1. Is the titular Diogenes Club in any way related to the one that Mycroft Holmes belonged to in the Sherlock stories? Or did the fictional agency take their name from the fictional club in homage? Or neither? Inquiring Sherlockians would love to know. :)

  2. Very enjoyable book. The Secret Files of The Diogenes Club (the sequel) is well worth the investment also. Of course, being a big Kim Newman fan sold on the man since Anno Dracula, I’m more than a little biased — all of his short story collections are fun (and usually rather cheap to acquire online).

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