Advent of the Insurgent Creative, Day 25 – The End?

Insurgent CreativeChristmas Day, and we come to the end of our Advent Calendar. I figured that not too many people would be checking this entry, busy as they are with the holiday, seeing family and friends, etc. So I decided that I would use this final entry as a summary of the entire series — an easily-linked-to page with all of the entries.

So there you go — One advent calendar down. So what becomes of Insurgent Creative in 2012?

Well, the response to the series has been great — obviously there are quite a few of you out there who are interesting in giving the Insurgent Creative life a try — so I will definitely be continuing in the coming year. I’m considering a few things, including the possibility of an Insurgent Creative podcast, a dedicated website, and more. I would love to hear your input, so please leave your comments below.

Thank you for reading this far, and here’s to a creative 2012.

Storm the gates!

3 Replies to “Advent of the Insurgent Creative, Day 25 – The End?”

  1. Thanks a lot for this series. There was information there that I knew about, or had gathered from following a lot of the people we have in common on Twitter, but there was a lot more that was new to me or simply put it all in one place. Your series already helped me to get my wife’s first novel finished and published, so if you only helped me, your goal at the outset was met.

    I’d love to get these collected in one document for later reference. And I look forward to any further sharing of wisdom along the way.

    So yeah, storm the gates.

  2. So great to hear that, Daniel! I’m glad I could help in some way.

    …and yes, one of the things I’m considering is collecting and expanding this into a book.

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