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(A Press Release that hit the various boards today, re-posted here for those who are interested)

(Dec. 6th, 2005)

Ronin Arts and Adamant Entertainment, two of the most well-respected and successful PDF publishers in the game industry, are joining forces to give prospective PDF publishers an inside view into running a successful ePublishing business.

ePublishing 101 will be a bi-weekly tutorial on every aspect of doing business as a PDF publisher, covering topics from planning and production to release and marketing, and everything in between — giving readers the benefit of the extensive experience of Phil Reed of Ronin Arts and Gareth-Michael Skarka of Adamant Entertainment.

“Between Phil and I, we have over 20 years experience working in this industry,” says Gareth-Michael Skarka, “and this is essentially Phil and I teaching a class on the subject of running a PDF business. We’ll give newer publishers a look into the lessons we’ve learned during that time. I’ve done business consultancy with publishers in the past, but I’ve only ever been able to handle having a single client at a time. ePublishing 101 is a great way to spread that help around a bit, and partnering with Phil doubles the value of the advice.”

“This is an excellent opportunity to make sure that those looking to get into the growing PDF industry have the knowledge they’ll need to succeed,” says Phil Reed. “Far too many new publishers enter the industry without a full understanding of the subtle complexities of the PDF market. With this series, Gareth and I will be able to help PDF publishers release quality materials that earn the sales that they deserve.”

Issues of ePublishing 101 will be released on the 10th and the 20th of every month, starting in January 2006. Individual issues will cost $5.00, with a yearly subscription now available (via the link below) for $75.

ePublishing 101 2006 Subscription: Click here.

Company Information

ADAMANT ENTERTAINMENT began as a design studio founded by Gareth-Michael Skarka. After designing the Origins Award nominated SKULL & BONES for Green Ronin, Adamant was launched as a PDF publisher in November of 2003. Since that time, Adamant Entertainment has developed a reputation for high-quality PDF releases, and quickly became one of the top PDF publishers in the game industry, with product lines including the THRILLING TALES line of D20 pulp releases, and support lines for print products such as SKULL & BONES from Green Ronin and NORTHERN CROWN from Atlas Games. Contact marketing@adamantentertainment.com , or visit our website at http://www.adamantentertainment.com.

RONIN ARTS is one of the top PDF producers in the RPG industry. Formed in 2002 by Philip Reed and Christopher Shy, Ronin Arts has a current product catalog of over 350 PDFs including support for the D20 System, M&M Superlink, and original games. Ronin Arts is also the home to such classic RPGs as The Whispering Vault and Star Ace. Contact roninartspresident@yahoo.com or visit our website at http://www.roninarts.com

9 Replies to “ePublishing 101”

  1. I expect there’ll be quite a bit of good info in there, and it looks like it’ll cost enough to make it worth your time. Very nice. How big do you expect the issues to be?

  2. Each issue is going to be approximately 5-6 pages.

    Yes, that means that $5.00 is fairly pricey….but we both figured that the benefit of our experience is worth that much, really….and more, to be honest.

    When we’re done we’ll have 240-ish pages of know-how, direct from two of the top publishers.
    I used to do 3-month consultantcy gigs, which probably offered a similar amount of information, for a minimum of $3,000 a contract. This is a fairly good deal, I think. :)

  3. Looks interesting…

    Just not for me. As I’m a lowly volunteerlancer.

    Still, will this new subscription prevent 2 Freeport books from goinf through layout before my MasterKit subscription expires? Because that would be terrible.

  4. I’ll be there. Some of my products are flagshipping the RPGNow distribution program through Alliance, et. al., so I’ll be there with RPGNow to pimp product.

    I still need to find someone to share a hotel room with, though, now that you remind me.

  5. Re: Looks interesting…

    The problem with the Freeport stuff is that it depends on Green Ronin approvals, and I have no control over how long that’ll take….so I can’t promise anything.

  6. I sent you some docs from my GAMA e-mail. I’d really like to meet with you at the show, though I hope we’ll be chatting more between now and then.

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