Asstard-in-Chief, Part Bazillion-and-six:

More than 150 nations agreed Saturday to launch formal talks on mandatory post-2012 reductions in greenhouse gases — talks that will exclude an unwilling United States.

Let me just clear that up for you….pretty much the ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET is involved in this, except for America….because of the Glorious Imam of the American Taliban, and the fanatic minority who follow him.

Can we have another Civil War now, please?

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  1. We kind of sorta refused to sign the last greenhouse gas agreement, too. And that can be blamed on quite a few presidents, and both houses since it first came out. The Kyoto Agreement, wasn’t it?

  2. I think you’d be amazed at how much foreign support the American citizens would get if they overthrew the Bush government. I know anti-Bush sentiment is certainly very rife here in the UK and we’re his closest allies!

    It’s a shame that the media didn’t cover his pre-election visit to see Blair in more detail. There were (literally) hundreds of thousands of protesters on the streets in London marching against him and his governments policies. Blair and co were pretty taken back at the scale of it and the only ‘Brits’ Bush met on his trip were hand picked photo ops and the protesters were kept well away from anywhere he was travelling/visiting. Which in itself was kept pretty underwraps.

    Mind you the Blair government over here is long overdue for some serious kicking on a whole range of topics – not least free speach which has been trounced on in the last 36 hours here.

  3. This is that. Or rather, the next stage of it.

    It’s good news, I guess, but it’s still the case that talks like these don’t generate action. At this stage I think it would be rash to expect national governments to take serious steps to reduce greenhouse emissions, given that it requires bold action (like, telling people to change their habits) and politicians are trained to be cowards. So if they do actually do anything it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

    Meanwhile the destruction of nations is underway: the little Pacific island state of Tuvalu (exports include the .tv domain name) has arranged for New Zealand to take its 10,000 population.

  4. According to a global Internet poll at the time, only 3 countries would have elected GWB as president (Poland, and a coupla others.)

    Also, you really should read Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech from this year. He measuredly, articulately and relentlessly lays into Bush and Blair. The old guy really gets into it.

    And I think you’ll find that Australia is following America’s lead again, in this matter as with everything else. We’re not signed up to Kyoto either, though there’s a large grass-roots movement here to a). sign the damn thing, and b). do what we can anyway and to hell with the government.

  5. You do realise that if you continue to ignore the environmental threat and pump nasties into the environment, you will be evicted from Earth. We will get a giant laser, cut round your country and let it float off into space, right? Or, if you prefer, we could just aim it at the White House, Independence Day stylee.

  6. What’s the point of trying to save the environment when it might cost American industries *money* to do so, and maybe even shut down some of the worse polluting companies? Its not like the US is honoring any of its trade treaties if they MIGHT impact American jobs, why start engaging in new ones?

    My god man, we are talking about American jobs on the line here! And global warming is a myth, a MYTH!



  7. Actually, it can only really be blamed on Bush. One of the FIRST act he made after becoming prez in 2001 was to withdraw from the Kyoto talks. Seriously. Before that, we’d been a part of them.

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