Manna From Heaven….

is a goddess.

She just hand-delivered a dozen, honest-to-gotham, real BAGELS to our front door, purchased at an Upper East Side bagelry in NYC.

Mmmm. Salt bagels.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Talkin’ Baseball….

Just as an FYI to any local like-minded friends:

The Royals will be hosting the Yankees on Monday Sept 4th, Tuesday Sept 5th, and Wednesday Sept. 6th, all at 7:10 pm.

The 4th is Labor Day, so those of us at KCRF will be putting in a full day already…..but I’m probably going to grab some tickets for one of the other games….I’m thinking Wednesday the 6th.

If anybody else is interested, let me know. I’ll probably try to pick up the tickets this weekend.

Robin Hood Returns….

The BBC is filming a new 13-episode series of Robin Hood, which will air in Autumn.

There’s more info here, as well. Robin will be played by newcomer Jonas Armstrong. Keith Allen will play the Sheriff of Nottingham, Lucy Griffiths plays Maid Marian and Sam Troughton (grandson of Doctor Who‘s Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, who played Robin in the 1953 BBC series) is playing Robin’s manservant Much.

They’re spending 8 million pounds on it, with financial assistance coming from BBC America — so I’m guessing it will probably air over here on that channel.

Post edited to correct dumb mistake.