Robin Hood Returns….

The BBC is filming a new 13-episode series of Robin Hood, which will air in Autumn.

There’s more info here, as well. Robin will be played by newcomer Jonas Armstrong. Keith Allen will play the Sheriff of Nottingham, Lucy Griffiths plays Maid Marian and Sam Troughton (grandson of Doctor Who‘s Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, who played Robin in the 1953 BBC series) is playing Robin’s manservant Much.

They’re spending 8 million pounds on it, with financial assistance coming from BBC America — so I’m guessing it will probably air over here on that channel.

Post edited to correct dumb mistake.

18 Replies to “Robin Hood Returns….”

  1. Funny, I would think it would be the actor whose name is Sam Troughton would actually be the grandson of Patrick Troughton…


  2. I’ve got the first season of the early 80s British series Robin of Sherwood on DVD.

    Robin as “Herne’s Son” — a pagan messianic figure, come to save Britain from the Normans. Kinda cool at times, cheesy at other times. I’m a fan, though.

  3. I normally don’t geek for TV shows (The L Word being the exception) but, damn, I love the legend of Robin Hood. I have since I was a kid.

    If only I got fuckin’ BBCAmerica.

  4. Then there’s the story of a coworker of mine whose ISP was contacted by federal authorities regarding copyright infringement and a certain IP address.

  5. If this is half as good as Robin of Sherwood I’ll be firmly glued to it. That being said, I guess I’m one of the few thinking “I hope it’s better than new Dr. Who”.

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