Talkin’ Baseball….

Just as an FYI to any local like-minded friends:

The Royals will be hosting the Yankees on Monday Sept 4th, Tuesday Sept 5th, and Wednesday Sept. 6th, all at 7:10 pm.

The 4th is Labor Day, so those of us at KCRF will be putting in a full day already…..but I’m probably going to grab some tickets for one of the other games….I’m thinking Wednesday the 6th.

If anybody else is interested, let me know. I’ll probably try to pick up the tickets this weekend.

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  1. The last time I went to a Royals game in KC (I have seen them once here in NY) the vendor used the same tongs he was turning the brats with to retrieve my kosher dog. Had there not been a huge line behind me….anyway, I wonder if they get more careful about that when the Yanks are about.
    i know, off topic. Wish I could go. I love going to games with friends!

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