Your Daily Outrage….

A couple of things that caught my attention this morning:

Phone-Jamming Scheme Designed To Prevent N.H. Dems From Voting Tied To White House…
Wow. Republicans involved in questionable election-day tactics that may or may not be illegal. Color me shocked.

Christians Sue For Right To Be Intolerant…
As Bill Maher said: “When you run all three branches of government, it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that you’re persecuted….”

6 Replies to “Your Daily Outrage….”

  1. The Rev. Rick Scarborough, a leading evangelical, frames the movement as the civil rights struggle of the 21st century. “Christians,” he said, “are going to have to take a stand for the right to be Christian.”

    Except that anyone who would do this completly lacks Christian morals!


    Can we go punch him, right now? Can we, please?

  2. A recent survey by the Anti-Defamation League found that 64% of American adults — including 80% of evangelical Christians — agreed with the statement “Religion is under attack in this country.”

    Yes, and it’s usually the fundies that are attacking the other religions, the focus being Islam at the moment.

  3. Any Names In This Sound Familier?

    Rick Scarbrough used the Pearland Baptist Church’s funds, and resources to send out flyers for the Tom Delay re-election campaign in the early ’90s. Once people started asking around about it he got a “promotion” within the SBC.

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