It Starts This Weekend….

If any of you want to see the newest teaser for the Doctor Who season that starts in the UK this Saturday, here’s a youtube video link.

I’m revving up Bittorrent.

Of course, yesterday I discover that the picture tube on my ancient TV is starting to go, in a big way. Naturally.

So, time to save a bit of cash, ask my folks for cash as my upcoming present, and buy a new TV for my birthday in June. Feh.

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  1. Re: they have never scared me

    The Cybermen always scared me more than the Daleks.

    The Daleks — racial supremacist space-nazis. OK, sure. Bad Guys, but not scary (to me).

    The Cybermen, however — walking dead. Zombies who have been partially turned robotic. Yikes.

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