New K-9 Series

So, the BBC passed on a K-9 spin-off, because they want to concentrate on the new Torchwood spin-off.

However, the European children’s TV station, Jetix Europe, will be producing a new K-9 series, which will be a mix of live-action and CGI.

Here’s how K-9 will appear in next week’s episode of Doctor Who:

and here’s how he will appear in the new series:

I have to admit the design is pretty cool. But I’m an old fuddy-duddy, and have a soft spot for the old version….and I’m guessing that Sarah Jane probably won’t be in the new kids series, either. Ah well.

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  1. I’m just wondering how come he makes the transition from one body to the next… I suspect next week’s episode will include a bit of exploding dog action.

  2. The new design is interesting, and though Prof. Marius would probably approve, I still prefer the original.

    I remember “K-9 & and Company” with Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith. Wasn’t that a pilot for a series that never happened?

  3. I really like the new design. It’s very modern, but still true to the original. Much like the new Doctor Who series itself.

    Apropos of nothing, is that a Dalek grabby hand coming out of K9’s eyes in the first pic?

  4. The design is cute. I’m not entirely sure about the idea. To me, K-9 is a sidekick, and, while I always thought he was a good sidekick, I never believed that he could carry a show. I’m reminded of a 70’s sitcom named Alice, (I’m sure you’ll remember this, but also sure that other readers won’t) which had that popular character, Flo (“Kiss my grits!”). Flo got spun off into her own series. And it sucked. And died. (Yes, I know BENSON lived for quite a while, but A) it never got anywhere near as wild as it’s parent show, SOAP, and B) I think it was more the exception than the rule.)

    I know we are talking British SF and not American 70’s-80’s Cutesy Sitcoms, but my point remains the same … sidekicks are mostly better off staying sidekicks.


    Yes, but then again, MAUDE (Edith’s Cousin from ALL IN THE FAMILY) spun off into her own show, which spawned it’s OWN spin off with Maude’s housekeeper, Florida, and her family on GOOD TIMES.

  6. True, but I never considered MAUDE to be a sidekick.

    It might also be mentioned that ALL IN THE FAMILY successfully spun off THE JEFFERSON, a sitcom which couldn’t be killed with a stick (though I think that was because of the theme song)…

  7. Hmmm, interesting. I don’t know that I like the ears but the rest is okay. I was a HUGE K-9 fan as a kid.

    I showed a picture of him the other day and she was like, "He doesn’t have any legs?" No respect for K-9!

    My attempt to sing the "K-9 and Company" theme music did not help matters.

  8. IIRC That new design was first seen in 2004 when Bob Baker had already done a deal with Park Entertainment. The Beeb may have claimed to pass, but it was already in the can.

    AFAIUI they agreed to launch the series on the back of K9’s last appearance in Dr Who.

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