Gaming: Playtest and Otherwise

OK — wuxia playtesters. We need to finish up the current adventure so I can get the manuscript finished.

Please let me know which of these times works better for you:

Friday evening, August 11th

Friday evening, August 18th

Saturday afternoon, August 19th.

We’ll wrap up the adventure, and that should do it for the playtest.

Oh, and general advance announcement: A return to non-work-related gaming is in the offing, after Festival season is over. We’re going to start back up with SERENITY.

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  1. The 18th is Media Party, and Lane Acts are required to be there, so I’m definitely out! And probably all you guys, too!

    Saturday the 19th I could do later, say 6-630ish because I have my departmental welcome back picnic for work that afternoon!

    So, it looks like my best night is this Friday, the 11th. I’m 90% sure I can do it. Looks like Natalie and I had invited someone over that weekend, but I’ll do what I can to get it moved to Saturday eve instead of Friday…


  2. I think the 18th is off the menu

    The Media Party is Friday, August 18th, and according to , The Madam and her Women (including Tess, if I’m nto mistaken) will be in attendance at that event. In fact, don’t you, and have to attend that as well?

    Not sure about Friday the 11th, however I can become available if that day is good for everyone else.

    and I are getting oil changes for our vehicles on the morning of the 19th, but I should be available that afternoon.

  3. Too tell the truth, I have no idea if we have to do Media Party or not — we haven’t gotten our contracts yet, and nothing has been said about it….and I do know that some Lane Acts (Magic Brush, for example….and Toy, come to think of it) do not come out. So, we’ll see, I suppose.

  4. I would be highly surprised if you guys are not expected to do Media Party, as it is generally all street, all Lane, and a good chunk of stage acts who are required to be there..most everyone who is local – Magic Brush is a traveler, if I remember correctly…and I know the Toy has been out there at some of the Media Parties previously.

    In this particular instance, I would actually suggest that you ask about that. Mr. S. has a particular bug about Media Party, and I wouldn’t want you guys to get nailed on a technicality (meaning, a good foot is a better foot to get off on)…


  5. Yay!!!

    Who’s the captain now? Oh, that’d be me! Wait…I don’t wanna be captain, I like my engine room. I just want to own my ship. ;)

  6. Re: The 11th

    Let’s shoot for starting at 7:00 — so showing up any time between 6 and 7 is fine, and will give us BS-time before beginning.

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