Non-Work-Related Gaming

Dangerously nearing burn-out, I’ve decided that I need to remind myself why I love gaming again.

To that end, I plan on engaging in regular…and, most importantly, non-work-related gaming after the KCRF season ends.

I know that I’ll be returning to Serenity, for example. I’ll probably also run another game as well. Not sure what, just yet. Figured that I’d list some of the games that really float my boat, that I’d love to run….and then let you guys let me know what you’d be interested in playing.

Games I’d Love To Run, Come November

1) Hellboy— Players create characters (as strange as they want) as operatives of the Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense, and “bump back” against Things That Go Bump In The Night.

2) Boot Hill — A classic Western….I have the first edition of Boot Hill, and I find the fact that it’s little more than a gunfighting miniatures rules system makes it a really excellent “rules-light” RPG. I could probably also use Warhammer Historical – Legends of The Old West (which I also own) in the same way.

3) Mutants & Masterminds — The world’s greatest superhero RPG. A bit lower on my list, because it’s kinda-sorta work related (we’re going to be putting out M&M products), but DUDE– SUPERHEROES!

There are probably others. Gods know that I own enough.

8 Replies to “Non-Work-Related Gaming”

  1. I’m particularly interested in Hellboy or M&M, but mostly because I love cowboys so much I’d have a hard time not begging to play a boy. And I don’t know how you feel about that. ;) And Serenity *is* kind of a western already.

    Are we gonna pick up any new players (considering the death of el capitane), or stick with what we’ve got?

  2. For Serenity, we’ll stick with what we’ve got for now.

    For any new game? Who knows. (And I have no problem with you playing a boy)

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