Doctor Who – The Lazarus Experiment

Not bad, but only because there was nowhere to go but up. A fairly standard mad-scientist-tampering-with-things-man-was-not-meant-to-know plot (oh, and there must be a rule that if your last name is Lazarus, you are required to enter the field of immortality studies), but with some nice stuff added — for example the mysterious individual who warned Mrs. Jones about the Doctor, and some additional name-drops of Mr. Saxon.

I wonder why Saxon was funding the research….if rumors regarding his identity are true, could he be looking for a way to extend his life? It would certainly fit within the established character…..

Anyway, still not as good as the early episodes, but the preview scenes from the second half of the season look really excellent.

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  1. I think that afetr Evolution of the Daleks they had nowhere else to go but up.

    You bring up a very interesting notion about life entension and Mr. Saxon. I was wondering if Mr. Saxon knew what the device might do and let the Professor take the risks. Heck, he might’ve suggested some of the theories just to see what would happen.

    We’re definitely seeing a strong theme of survival and adapatation this season, whether it’s the creature fleeing the Judoon in the premiere, the carrionites trying to adapt and re-emerge via Shakespeare, the humans coming out of their stall in Gridlock or the Daleks and their plan to evolve.

  2. I must say that the monster was just like something out of Soul Reaver – specifically, the spider vampires that have an old desecrated cathedral tower that you have to play the organ in the right way to ride a hidden lift to the top. But it was better, and it was fun. :)

  3. God, the trailer for part 2 of the season… the whole family when into geek-out “WOah, WWII… JACK!… Saxon, you slimy bugger!… Derek Frickin’ JACOBI!…TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEEEEEEKS! OH NOES!”

    still, I can get the kids to bed early on Saturday…

  4. I agree–fun, not great, but better than the previous two. I enjoyed seeing Martha’s family again, and I’m glad she put her foot down about the whole “one-trip passenger” thing.

    The experiment did feel suspiciously like a crude attempt at Gallifreyan regeneration, so I think it fits that Saxon is behind it all.

    And the trailer rocked.

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