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1) Taking the day off from Adamant today. Spending the morning on writing fiction, spending the afternoon on AC Milan vs Liverpool.

2) The brief flirtation with having balls is over. The Democrats folded, and are giving Bush his blank check. Despite the fact that 2/3rds of American citizens want this war over NOW, the weak-willed bastards are unwilling to stick to a demand for withdrawal, or even defining any consequences for failing to meet benchmarks. “Compromise” = “Giving the Dictator exactly what he wants.”

3) I’ll say it, if nobody else will: Nobody cares about your horoscope but you. For all that is good and holy, stop posting them.

4) Lawrence continues its time-honored tradition of giving the finger to the rest of Kansas by passing a Domestic Registry ordinance. I expect that this will become the subject of a right-wing evangelical political/legal smackdown over the next few months, but it’s a nice statement, while it lasts.

5) Am I the only one who was underwhelmed by the Heroes finale? It seemed like they needed one more episode to really do everything that they wanted to do….as it was, we got 45 minutes of more plot build-up and revelations, followed by a hasty, blink-and-you-miss-it final confrontation. That’s it? That’s what we waited for? I’ve also got some problems with the story logic surrounding the resolution, but given that some folks haven’t seen it yet, I’ll keep that to comments, if anybody cares to ask.

6) Got Black Books series 2 from Netflix. Watched the first half of it last night. Bernard Black continues to be my hero. “I don’t know, it’s an impossible choice… I’ll just have to hope when I flip the coin it somehow explodes and kills me.”

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  1. I agree with you about the Heroes finale. They needed at least two episodes to do what they wanted to do and to really do the rest of the season justice. I ended with an “o-kay…” feeling, but not much else. The glimpse of next season was fun, but I’m not on the edge of my seat as much as I expected to be.

    Enjoy your day of writing and sports!

  2. 2) What are they supposed to do? Bush has proven time and again that he doesn’t give a SHIT about the troops or anyone, and would continue vetoing and vetoing, regardless of any consequences. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Should the Dems really keep sending him stuff he’s going to veto? It isn’t like he’s going to get impeached. Ever.

    3) When I post my horoscope in my journal, I’m posting it there because it’s my journal. I want to remember that particular horoscope. It isn’t there for you, it’s there for ME. If you don’t want to read it, then don’t read it.

    5) No, Natalie and I both felt exactly that way. It was just like another episode. Good, and entertaining, with some neat stuff – but it was entirely lacking in the omph of a finale. Probably because they didn’t kill Sylar (like we’ve been lead to believe would happen – it was the Big Thing), and the solution to Peter exploding was not precicely, as you say, logical.

  3. Yeah, we were underwhelmed as well. And they seem to have brought Roundtree back for no reason, which was annoying–the scene felt really important at the time and turned out to be meaningless.

  4. I agree! a superhero finale should at least have a fight scene. I mean, c’mon!
    So far, all fights in this series have been a phone in. what’s the problem!
    P.s. those Democrats are beholden to the same corps. as the REpubs, there is no other way to get elected! Not that it’s any excuse.

  5. You are not the only one. I was disappointed in the Heroes finale as well. Couldn’t Peter fly on his own? I’ve seen lost of fan-based reasoning for this, but nothing that was made clear in the program itself. Also, the Sylar escape is bothering me more as time wears on.

  6. 4) Hopefully the right-wing evangelicals will read “Domestic Registry ordinance” as people having to admit to hiring an illegal Mexican housekeeper, and move on blissfully ignorant of social change.

    5) I remember thinking, “I’d rather have more of the episode than a clip from Fantastic Four 2”, and they’ve spent all this time building up to this, it would be nice if they spent more than five minutes on the final showdown. Mind you, there’s plenty that I did like, but I absolutely agree with about their inability to stage good fight scenes.

    6) I picked up both series one and two on DVD. I’m looking forward to the third series being released in the US at some point.

  7. I *think* we’re supposed to believe that he can only use one power at a time, since we’ve only seen him do so. Since he was using the Nuke power, he couldn’t fly. Or something. But yeah, it would have been nice if that was explicitly stated.

    Plus, why the hell couldn’t Claire just “kill” him immediately? He’d heal and recover. Problem solved.

  8. We were talking about this last night, and I think Peter can only use on power at a time, and since the radioactive power was flaring out of control, I don’t think he could fly at that moment.

  9. Because she’s a 15-year-old cheerleader, whose not used to shooting her uncle in the face?

    I agree that the finale was underwhelming, but I keep reading the same complaints about how they could have saved Peter (Claire shoots him; Nathan drops him before he explodes; they tranquilise him; Hiro ports in with his sword in Sylar’s head etc) which assume that the characters are thinking calmly in the crisis. They’re just ordinary people, who panic in a crisis.

  10. There’s nothing to say that Peter or Nathan are actually dead of course. Peter may regenerate over time and for all we know maybe Nathan did drop him and get out of blast radius in time – although being exposed to that much radiation certainly isn’t going to be good for Nathan’s short or long term health either way.

    I agree that the finale was weaker than I was expecting or hoped for. I was also hoping for a better fight sequence to finish the threat of Sylar off and wwasn’t keen that Sylar has slipped away.

    That said, if this was not the season finale I would have enjoyed the episode. I liked the way that Molly said there was something even scarier out there than Sylar and also the glimpse back with Charles Deveaux and Angela Petrelli shedding more light on the conspiracy and background of the older generation of characters.

    I’m really looking forward to Season 2. I just wish there wasn’t such a long wait. :(

  11. There’s a theory about Sylar’s survival that I’m very fond of. In Peter’s first precog dream about the final confrontation, he sees pretty much the entire cast, including Claude (Chris Eccleston’s invisible man), who’s laughing manaically. There’s no sign of Claude in the actual final, but it does look like Sylar was maybe _dragged_ into the sewer…

  12. My impression was that they did kill Sylar, and that whatever big bad, scarier-than-the-boogeyman thing the little girl was talking about had pulled Sylar into the sewer when noone was looking. I could be wrong, but that was the impression I had – setting it up for next season.

  13. I agree that it looks like Sylar was dragged. I was thinking also that it might be the scary person Molly referred to. I had not really thought it was Claude (though Mr. Eccleston does an amazing job at evil, I did not feel that character was set up that way). Also, he was just filming a movie, which was why I figured he wasn’t in the recent episodes…and he’s filming another one now, and I will shut up before I go off on another fandom kick. :)

  14. Wow. I have just read the JW article and I am amazed…by the stupidity of some of the people commenting, and by the fact that people are still so ignorant as to think that only homosexuals can get AIDS…and by the fact that people think that this is giving “special rights” to gays.

    Now I cannot decide whether to post this on my LJ for my East Coast buddies to see (because so many people here think that only the coasts have liberals unless one is in Chicago…)

  15. It could be that Sylar was dragged away, but the symbology of the show connects him very strongly with that of the cochroach (the animal that’s supposedly evolved to perfection and will outlive nuclear holocaust and other planetary disasters that will destory all other life). I think he is just hard to kill, and slunk away into the sewer on his own. There’s still a lot of potential for his character.

  16. The “one power at a time” reasoning seems to be pretty popular. I wonder if there’s any countering evidence.

    However, your last point reminded me of my wife’s argument: the power shut down when he passed out in the alley. Isn’t that an even simpler solution?

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