[Footie] ARGH.

Not a great start for New Crobuzon United, my team in the Premiere League fantasy leagues.

With 7 of my starting 11 players playing today, I had hoped to make up for yesterday’s lackluster performance — especially given the fact that I have three Manchester United players — Van Der Sar as keeper, Ronaldo in midfield and Rooney at forward (and designated as my team captain, which means bonus points for everything he does). Last year, Ronaldo and Rooney both scored 23 goals for United, and Van der Sar is one of the best keepers in the game. Today, then, was going to be the day that I put some points on the board.

Instead, ManU plays a nil-nil draw with Reading, Van der Sar gets only two touches of the ball (compared to the 20-some-odd shots on goal the other keeper had to deal with), Ronaldo fails to score, and worse yet….Rooney gets spiked and only plays the first half, so I don’t even get the points for him playing a full 90 minutes.

Crossing my fingers for a more successful week 2.