GenCon Day 1

In brief (as it’s 1:00 a.m. local time here, and I’m somewhat drunk):

* Brilliant to see friends again. My main reason for attending, and well worth the trip.

* 4th Edition D&D announced today. Meeting for publishers occuring tomorrow night, where I expect many of my questions (specifically revolving around future plans for Adamant) will be answered, or at least made slightly more clear.

* Looking around today, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that apparently, the Gamer Sumptuary Laws have decreed that Utilikilts are the new fedora. This is not a Good Thing, in many cases. Far too many.

* It’s a surreal experience to be sitting for a bit in the Auction, and having the first product you ever wrote (PERIPHERY), which had a print run of 500 copies ( if memory serves), come up on the block. (Even more surreal — somebody paid 15 bucks for it.)

* Looked around, saw a great many products which interested me….but not many that stood up to the nagging “yeah, but would I ever play it, and so isn’t it just going to take up space” test.

* People buying you drinks are evil. So is vanilla vodka and ginger ale.

Off to bed (finally) — more anon.