Indy and Footie

Arrived in Indianapolis. Had lunch with and Co.

Currently back at the hotel, awaiting ‘s arrival. Industry drink-up this evening, Convention proper begins tomorrow. I took a look at the exhibitor’s hall today — larger than I’ve ever seen it before. Mind-boggling huge. Multiple football fields full of geeky goodness.

Speaking of football (the real kind):

Checked on my Gameweek 2 results for my EPL Fantasy Team — my captaincy bad luck continues. Ronaldo was red-carded, leading to a grand total of -2 for his contribution to my points total. *sigh*

However, the rest of the team played like a house on fire — 5 of my starting 11 scored goals, in fact. 39 points (provisional — I’m waiting for it to be made official), which should leapfrog me up the standings quite nicely.

GenCon Bound….

Sitting in the airport, waiting to board my flight to Indy, and playing “spot the gamer” with the gathered passengers.

I’ll be at GenCon until Monday — most likely I’ll post an occasional update from the hotel, late-night (free wireless, after all, might as well use it).

If you’re going to be there, the easiest way to get ahold of me is the cell phone — and if you’re somebody that I want to be able to get ahold of me, you’ll already have the number. :)