New James Bond Title Announced!

I’m giddy.

The producers have announced the title of the 22nd Bond film, due out later this year.

Not only have they used one of the remaining genuine Fleming titles, but they’re using my FAVORITE of the short story titles:

“Quantum of Solace.”

HELL yes.

(Funny thing — QoS was one of the titles I used when I was running a friend through a one-on-one James Bond 007 RPG campaign. I’ve still got it, in the game box. I’ll be amused to see how our plot compares with the film!)

5 Replies to “New James Bond Title Announced!”

  1. There was a great short interview with Daniel Craig on Radio 4 today. The interviewer said something like, “Are you hoping it will be as good a film as Casino Royale?”

    Craig scoffed, with supreme self-confidence, saying something like, “Hope? I don’t hope anything. I’ve worked hard on this film. I don’t need to hope.”

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