Watched the Smirking Fratboy Address last night, if only to watch the Democratic Response, which was delivered by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (or “Kathy,” as The Minion refers to her, having spent part of the day in her company during her Legislative Paging session two years ago).

Very, very interesting. Did you hear any of it? The text can be found here.

Lots of references to a new kind of politics that leaves partisanship behind.

Constant repetition of the phrase “The New American Majority.”

A call for all lawmakers to join together and “Get to work.”

An echoing of one of JFK’s famous phrases, used to criticise the current political climate:

“In spite of the attempts to convince us that we are divided as a people, a new American majority has come together. We are tired of leaders who, rather than asking what we can do for our country, ask nothing of us at all.

I watched it and thought — Wow, Hillary Clinton has got to be PISSED. The Democratic Party has put another woman in the national spotlight, and she’s delivering *Obama’s* message.

Then, I saw a news item this morning: Sebelius to Endorse Obama Today.

I’d love to see an Obama/Sebelius ticket….not only because she’s a perfect example of bipartisanship (a popular Democratic Governor of a Redder-than-Red Republican state), but because having a woman on the ticket would be a powerful symbolic statement as well (and we all know that Hillary wouldn’t take the VP job).

Funny thing, I can’t help but think that the national party is thinking the same thing, and hedging their bets in Obama’s favor by putting Sebelius out there last night.

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  1. I Had the Feeling

    I always knew G. W. Bush was a Progressive Populist (aka, Liberal Fascist), nice to get confirmation. Same buzz words and buzz phrase; ‘third way’, ‘new kind of politics’ ‘leaving partisanship behind’ and all that crap. Basically a Benito Mussolini or Vladimir Lenin with brain damage. Let us hope Barack Obama proves more adaptable.

  2. I love her speech. LOVE. And I had similar thoughts to yours when I was reading it this morning, especially when she was talking about serving as the Commander in Chief of the National Guard. It isn’t the whole military, but she’s already linked herself with that title. Well done!

    And that thing about her father and father-in-law both being in Congress, one a Dem, the other Rep? GOLDEN.

    She’s GOLDEN. All over.

  3. Yeah, I know. I’d love to get there, but:

    1) I’m not heading to KC in this weather.

    2) and I have tickets to see Sharon Jones and Dap-Kings tonight in Lawrence.

  4. but because having a woman on the ticket would be a powerful symbolic statement as well

    And it might get NOW–whom I used to support, for the record–to shut the hell up about how Ted Kennedy “betrayed them” and is “unable to accept the idea of a woman in the office.”

    Uh, maybe Ted just thought Obama would make the better president?

  5. You know, as I listened to her speech I thought that she would be a heck of a national politician if she just gets a little more comfortable with the national spotlight – she was a bit wooden. But we’ve had 8 years of someone who could read speeches well – maybe it’s time to get people of action and ideas in there rather than the photogenic(?) and those comfortable in the spotlight.
    But what struck me most – especially with Hillary following right behind her, was that you could read the truth in Sebelius’ eyes. And you can’t read a damn thing in Hillary’s, still. I don’t want Hillary in any position higher than congress, and even that’s pushing it. I don’t trust her and never will. I hope Hill’s pissed, and I hope it pushes her into making mistakes.
    I was also pleased to see Obama mention that he had many people who would be spreading his campaign message, not just a Kennedy or any one person. He’s got a good message. We all need to be pushing it.

    And there’s my 2 cents.


  6. Speaking of GOLDEN, did you see the picture of her that’s appearing in the February issue of VOGUE? Very classy — confidence, authority, beauty, and not at all objectifying:

  7. No, it’s only the state branch, at least so far as I know. My apologies for not being clearer.

    But until the national organization comes out condemning what the state branch said, it’s going to color the whole thing in a lot of people’s minds.

  8. Ooo, no, I never saw the pictures. That’s awesome. She’s way sexier than Hilary.

    (They sure chose a great painting to stick her in front of, too)

  9. I agree completely (and NOW hasn’t been on my favorite things list in quite some time, anyway). But I’m glad this particular crazy is somewhat isolated.

    And as a new wave/global/queer feminist, uh, maybe Obama’s the better feminist. My feminism is about layers of conflict, multiple levels of power/oppression, and the insistence on breaking down impossible dichotomies. Not who has a vagina or not.

  10. Re: huh?

    does whatever
    a web-person does

    can he/she spin a web?
    no, he/she can’t, he’s/she’s a computer geek
    look out!
    here comes the web-person

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  11. When Kathleen Sebelius said in the last gubernatorial election that she could not confirm she would commit to serving the full term, my little fuzzy heart exploded. There’s only one reason a politician wouldn’t make that promise:

    She intends to seek or accept another position. She’s had her eye on Brownback’s spot, and she’s been buzzed around for VP, and she can probably take her pick of high-level spots if we get a Dem in the White House. *ANY* of those would be Fine By Me.

    I don’t have any words for how ecstatic I am at the thought of pragmatic, compassionate, eloquent, intelligent Kathleen Sebelius making national policy.

  12. Only in the sense that I work a block and a half away and I’ll be fighting the traffic to get home soon thereafter :)

    I’ll be “with” Mr. Obama on Tuesday the 5th, no doubt about it.

  13. Absolutely. The thought of Sebelius serving 8 years as VP, and then becoming the first female President, makes me giddy.

    One thing, though: Your heart is fuzzy? :)

  14. Yeah, I think she’d be a very good choice. And she could pull in some of the voting blocks Obama can’t, some of the same ones Edwards could.

    The only thing keeping me from hoping for this over an Obama-Edwards ticket is the discouraging thought that people might be willing to vote for a black man OR a white woman for the White House, but not both together.

    I’d love to be proven wrong on that.

  15. Ah, that’s a shame. Hm, no idea who I’d want to see there, then–as I said above, I think Sebelius would be a good choice but I’m not sure that ticket could win. Not yet.

  16. I think it’s all about effectiveness for Edwards at this point. A possible 8 years as filler with no real power and no guarantee of the actual Presidency (see here: Gore) is a bit less then he’s interested in at this point. As AG he would have some actual pull.

  17. Re: I Had the Feeling

    Darn, it sounded so much like Bush. You are aware that if you replaced the word “God” in any Republican speech with the phrase “the people” you’d have a Democratic speech?

  18. Bill Richardson is a natural fit as VP for Obama. He will help in the west/southwest; he will appeal to the Latino community; and he’s got international/diplomatic experience in spades.

    Of course, we’re probably putting the cart before the horse here….

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