Far West: Patronage?

A thought has been tickling at the back of my mind, so I figured I’d air it, and get a general gauge of interest — to determine if the thought is worth pursuing.

Yes, the Far West novel is still underway. This doesn’t change that. It’s more related to my previous thought about it as a possible 4E setting release.

What if I don’t do it as a full commercial release, but instead — taking a page from Wolfgang Baur’s Diana Jones Award-winning project — which is starting to be imitated by others in the industry — what if I do it as a patronage project?

Offer it exclusively to patrons. That’s it. No eventual PDF release, no “limited edition” vs “general release” — it only goes to the patrons, and nobody else. Offer several levels of patronage, each with its own perks, ranging from eventual format of product (softcover, hardcover), access to design commentary, access to private discussion, access to initial art designs, patronage credit in the book, book signed by author & artists, special additional exclusive content, etc.

I have to admit that I like this idea. A private pressing. A “members-only” game world. Still allowing me to explore the gaming potential of the property, without heavily entangling it in an ongoing commercial concern — yet still allowing me to demonstrate an existing fan demand for the concept, once I get around to pitching the novel.

The question is, of course, whether there *is* demand. Hence this post. Thoughts?

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