One Week To Go

A week until Election Day.

Expect that the desperation on the right will make the next seven days…. interesting. More screeching that Obama is a socialist, more extreme nutjobbery from McCain/Palin supporters, the White House doing their dead-solid best to give McCain his October Surprise by starting a war with Syria or “suddenly” getting Bin Laden, etc.

Seven more days.

Seven more days before, hopefully, the American electorate delivers such a widespread, scathing rebuttal to the Republican policies and philosophies of the past three decades that the party is shattered — split into damaged factions (Patrician Wall Street Money vs American Taliban, mostly) whose appeal is far too small to threaten electoral dominance for at least a decade.

I’m no longer holding my breath for *any* win. I’m now hoping for a *shattering* win. Filibuster-proof Senate, and clear majority in the House. The ability to actually get things done, and repair the damage done to this country.

Expect, of course, that the right-wing noise machine of commentators, Fox News and radio talk shows will end up getting far more exposure than their actual demographic merits, over the next four years. When Democrats lose, the Right pontificates that the Dems should shift to the right because America is a “center-right” nation. When Democrats win, the Right pontificates that the Dems should govern to the right because America is a “center-right” nation. Same message, either way. Convenient, no?

I want to see what they say when the electoral results are so overwhelming that the whole “center-right” thing is called into question as a valid premise in the first place.

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