Headed to DC with The Minion…..

Braggin’ on the kid again —

The Minion has won a scholarship essay contest run by The Bill of Rights Institute.

We’re not sure where she placed — either honorable mention ($500), third place ($1250), second place ($2500) or first place ($5000). We’ll find out at the awards ceremony in Washington in April.

In addition to the cash, she (and one parent, which will be me) gets flown to DC on April 3rd, put up at the Mayflower hotel, all transportation and meals paid. Thursday night is a VIP dinner, with Laura Bush, and various political figures. On Friday the 4th the kids get taken on VIP tours of various Washington sites (while the parents are left to their own devices with a stipend for meals). The event wraps up on Saturday the 5th with the awards breakfast. We’ll then be visiting with my aunt who lives in the area, and heading back on Sunday.

Proud doesn’t cover it.

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  1. That is so excellent! Congratulations to your fabulous daughter, and way cool that you get to go on such a cool adventure! She’s really on her way! Very impressive, and I can see why you are beyond proud! :)

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