7 Replies to “Stop Weapons Screening? In Dallas? Sure….what could happen?”

  1. While there’s plenty of fodder here for conspiracy theorists, my own personal opinion is that someone with far more responsibility than intelligence simply made a really, really stupid call.

    But yes. In any event, a dumb, dumb, dumb idea.

  2. I think they were thinking. “Hope somebody kills that man before he gets to be president.”

    I used to read about the feds have long had weird links to hate groups. It makes me nervous.

  3. I think it’s part of the Secret Service’s new “lightning won’t strike the same place twice” theory of security. Or maybe it’s just, really stupid.

  4. I think it was a dumb bureaucratese idea that someone made and didn’t get past the reality check sensors that we’re supposed to have installed. The fact that it was in Dallas of all places just makes it worse.

    I don’t think the Secret Service was trying to deliberately get him killed, though.

  5. Well, whoever made the decision is probably going to be getting some sort of administrative review now for being such a complete idiot.

    Chances are that they figured nobody would bring weapons in because they knew they would be getting checked. The important thing now is that they do not pull security for him again, because once they hear “no weapons checks on Obama” the nutters are going to come out of the woodwork and try to go to a rally with a gun.

  6. Well, that was dumb.

    What’s next, a convertible city tour with a stop by this really cool book depository? People just don’t think.

    My first concern on reading it, though, wasn’t, “OMG someone will kill him!” it was “Holy crap, thousands of people packed together and no one screened for bombs or guns? In Texas? Where a stupid-crazy number of people have CCW permits? Great, why not just ask for someone to open fire in a crowd? That’ll be GREAT!”

    It was a stupid call, and I agree with the assessment of, “This was someone with more responsibility than brains.”

    Won’t stop me from trying to get into tonight’s rally at the capitol, though.

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