Richard Milhouse Bush….er….George W. Nixon…er.. wait.

I’ve said it before, but there is a definite Nixonian vibe to the current Administration. One can only hope that another Watergate is pending….although I’m not holding my breath.

From the “where have I heard that before” department, folks have started commenting about the similarities between yesterdays “Major Speech on Iraq” (where Bush unveiled the radical new strategy of “Stay the course.”), and Nixon’s famous “Vietnamization of the War” speech from November 1969:

Nixon in 1969: “The precipitate withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam would be a disaster not only for South Vietnam but for the United States and for the cause of peace.”

Bush yesterday: “Setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would vindicate the terrorists’ tactics of beheadings and suicide bombings and mass murder — and invite new attacks on America.”

Nixon: “An announcement of a fixed timetable for our withdrawal would completely remove any incentive for the enemy to negotiate an agreement. They would simply wait until our forces had withdrawn and then move in.”

Bush: “Setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would send a signal to our enemies — that if they wait long enough, America will cut and run and abandon its friends.”

Nixon: “If necessary … we will withdraw all our forces from Vietnam on a schedule in accordance with our program, as the South Vietnamese become strong enough to defend their own freedom.”

Bush: “And as the Iraqi security forces stand up, coalition forces can stand down — and when our mission of defeating the terrorists in Iraq is complete, our troops will return home to a proud nation.”


Nixon delivered that speech in 1969…but the troops didn’t finally leave until 1973….8,000 casualties later.

What is it that they say about people who don’t learn from history?

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  1. Defending Nixon…Sorta

    I missed the Nixon era by six weeks, so I have no idea what the “feel” of the adminstration was like. By many accounts that I’ve read, he was very complex and very much an asshole. But that’s beside the point. The fact is, the man’s administration had a great number of successes. Do they outweigh the failures, especially in the foreign policy arena and Supreme Court appointments? No, but they are significant.

    According to Wikipedia, some of his accomplishments include:
    – Detente with China
    – Created the EPA
    – Created NOAA
    – Initiated the space shuttle program
    – Created the Office of Minority Business Enterprise
    – Created the Supplemental Security Income program
    – Created OSHA
    – Implemented the Philadelphia Plan, the first significant federal affirmative action program.
    – SALT I Treaty

    So what’s my point? Comparing Bush to Nixon is a discredit to the Nixon Administration. At least some good came out of that White House. I honestly, and I don’t say that lightly because I will happily give credit when it due, cannot think of a single positive program or action the Bush Administration has implemented in the past five year.

  2. “What is it that they say about people who don’t learn from history?”

    They end up getting elected on the Republican ticket?

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