New Look

This is pretty much immaterial for those of you who read this on your Friends page, but I decided to change my journal layout.

I like it. Less bright.

EDIT: Which reminds me– is anyone else having a problem with email notifications? Ever since LJ did it’s move last weekend, I haven’t gotten notification when people have commented, about half the time. I checked my settings, and it’s still set to notify me….Anyone else?

16 Replies to “New Look”

  1. I noticed that, too. I found my missing emails in the bulk mail/spam folder. I was just dumping the whole folder once per day, but now I winnow thru it to fish out the emails that aren’t supposed to be there.

  2. I have missed a few email notifications for sure. I don’t know how many, though, since I don’t tend to go back and look for responses in my comments in other people’s journals. I have missed at least two comments in my own journal over the last two weeks, though.

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