Crappy summer continues.

Had to bail on the party Saturday night due to pain….and slept until 1:00 on Sunday, missing both the first Chess Match rehearsal (which I’m particularly bugged by — I don’t miss rehearsals) and teaching my Sunday classes at the KCRF Academy (which I’ll be making up tonight).

Tried the neti that we received from , and I’m happy to report success in that area. My sinuses are responding well to it.

However, that only takes care of half the problem. As I mentioned to some of you, the sinus issue was involved in a lovely little bit of co-exacerbation with the sorry state of my teeth — one badly-cavitied molar in particular. The sinus pain increased the pressure on that tooth, which also became inflamed, increasing pressure on the sinus, etc. Ouch City, population: Me.

Yesterday when I awoke, it was so bad that I actually had visual swelling. Not good. The swelling went away throughout the day, which most likely means that the lack of sinus problems gave the tooth inflammation the space it needed to calm down, and any burgeoning abcess (ew) the ability to drain.

I called the dentist this morning to have the thing yanked. It’s too far gone for a root canal — which is fine by me, because of the difference of about a thousand dollars in price. The problem, unfortunately, is that the dentist’s earliest appointment isn’t until the 15th.

Jeezy Creezy.

So, I’ve got to keep on top of things, and hang in there for about 2 more weeks.

Once and I are married, I’ll be on her insurance, and can afford actual preventative medical attention. Another reason to look forward to the event!

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  1. So very glad to hear the neti met with some success for you. Hopefully continued use will keep the sinuses under control.

    Was there any possibility the dentist could put you on a “cancellation list” (meaning if he gets an earlier opening, you could get in sooner)?


  2. There is — and I’m on it, but the receptio-tron said that I shouldn’t count on it, because they seldom had cancellations. Apparently, the office recently lost one practicing dentist, so they’re very busy.

  3. And let me guess, they are not willing to prescribe some narcotic pain killers to get you through the next two weeks, are they?


  4. When I was having issues with wisdom teeth that were intent on being removed before I had dental insurance, I would rinse and gargle with salt water. It was often only a temporary solution, but it did help.

    Glad the neti pot met with some success. You might check back with and his knowledge of Chinese medicine for other potential aids.

    Feel better, man.

  5. Hydrogen Peroxide and a strong antiseptic mouthwash will help a great deal. There’s this stuff I got at Kroger’s, a really strong peppermint concoction that must be diluted with water that works quite well.

  6. We have. Announcements/Invitations will be going out within the next two weeks.

    The date is Saturday, October 21st.

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