Passport Hell

The Minion leaves for Germany on Wednesday….we hope.

We applied for her passport in February. At the time, we were told it would take 6-8 weeks. Since then, the estimate has risen. Apparently, they were completely unprepared for the backlog of requests, given the new rules which require passports for travel to Canada and Mexico. The delays are so critical now, that Congressmen and Senators have tasked aides whose only job is to intervene with the passport office on behalf of constituents.

It’s fucking ridiculous. We’re 14 weeks since we applied, and they’re still telling us that it’s being “processed.”

We’ve gotten our Congressman (Dennis Moore) involved, and they *think* we might have it in time. Maybe.

Either way, the Minion is going, even if it ends up that I have to pay a charge to have her tickets moved to a flight on a later day.

But goddamn it, we did everything we were supposed to do.

My last vestiges of faith in my government are slowly trickling away. How the hell can they “keep us safe” or anything else they claim to do, when they can’t even process a fucking passport, with twice the allotted time?

It’s gotten to the point where I’m seriously considering expatriation. No kidding.

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