Update: Passport Hell

No Passport this morning.

Nobody did anything they were supposed to do over the weekend. Apparently, the Houston office didn’t finish and put the passport in the mail on Saturday, like we had been assured; our Congresscritter’s office didn’t follow-up over the weekend, like we had been assured.

No, apparently, the passport was finished this morning, and is currently awaiting FedEx Pick-up for delivery tomorrow fucking morning by 10:30 a.m., 2 hours AFTER we’re supposed to check in at the airport.

So, we’ve told our Congresscritter to tell the Houston office to move the package from the mail room to the Will-Call office. We’re hoping that they can actually achieve this, since it’s literally the LEAST they can fucking do.

We’ve paid FedEx $350, for a courier to go to the Will-Call, pick up the passport, and deliver it to us via Same-Day service. We’re being told that it will be delivered to our door by 10:30 tonight.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Stress? You betcha.

5 Replies to “Update: Passport Hell”

  1. Wow, that sucks. I don’t suppose you have any of these assurances in writing? You should make the Houston office and/or your Congresscritter pay for the FedEx.
    I hope it gets there in time.

  2. That is not cool. Sorry you are having to go through such ridciulousness! Fingers crossed for a quick delivery!

  3. GEEZ-us. It’s not their life, so it’s not the same priority. I second the movement to make someone pay for this either out of their hides or financially.

    But in the meantime, don’t forget the whole point of this! Have a good trip.

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