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This weeks Mixtape of Teh Intarwebs:

and I are giving David Milch’s post-Deadwood HBO series, John From Cincinnatti our standard three-episode try-out. The first episode was….strange (you can catch it as a free stream at the HBO website). The one thing that I came away with was a burning desire to track down the music they used in the final scene and over the closing credits. Thanks to the magic of the Intertubes, I managed to find it — this is a great track. Sort of a 21st century take on Psychedelia. Nifty as hell. Kasabian – “Sun Rise Light Flies.”

At the request of my LJ-less brother, here is some Lady Sovereign…this time in a remix produced by Basement Jaxx. Good stuff. Gotta love Grime tracks mocking fashion choices! Lady Sovereign – “Hoodie (Basement Jaxx Remix).”

Here’s a great asian-influence hip-hop track from one of the famed Wu-Tang Clan. The track uses Chinese music as the backing loops, and mixes in some fairly famous interview audio of Bruce Lee: “Be like water, my friend…” Masta Killa – “Masta Killa.”

One of my favorite tracks from Amy Winehouse’s new album. I love the retro-60s-soul sound of it, and I especially love that the opening verse contains the line: “What kind of Fuckery is this?” It’s my new favorite phrase. Amy Winehouse – “Me and Mr. Jones.”

Moving from sounds that sound old, let’s hear some that actually are. First up, from 1970 — the one-hit wonder that features the best horn riff EVER. I mean it. Ides of March – “Vehicle.”

Next, from 1981, my favorite single from New Order. (Although, to be fair, I didn’t hear it until years later. Still my fave, though, so there.) New Order – “Everything’s Gone Green.”

Lastly, from 1985, one of the best ‘alternative’ tracks of the period (although, at the time, before the coming of the Record Industry Marketing Gurus, we called it “college rock”, since it was usually only found on little indie college stations). This one actually broke out a bit — it was used on a couple of soundtracks, and got some radio play on commercial radio eventually. Dramarama – “Anything Anything (I’ll Give You).”

There you go. Enjoy.

2 Replies to “Friday Music”

  1. Don’t know if i’ve mentioned it before

    But Friday music is a thing i look forward to each week. Even if i don’t groove on anything that week, it’s allways cool to be exposed to new things.

    If it weren’t for you, i’d never have been exposed to the Dollyrots or Crazy Penis or many more folks that i’d never have known about otherwise. Heck, you even pull out things by older artists that i never heard before and they turned out to be gems.

    So thank you GMS.

  2. The song by Dramarama is one of my absolute favorites ever! An Irish guy I dated in Hawaii played it for me once, and it has been on my hit list ever since. . . . . .

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